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Laundry Bear Games
Based in Toronto, Canada

Founding Date:
March 29, 2016


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A Mortician's Tale (2017)



Laundry Bear is a small, independent game studio based in Toronto, Canada. We love collaborating with friends to make colourful and emotionally-impactful video games. In 2017, we released our critically-acclaimed debut title A Mortician's Tale. We are currently working on our second game. 



Laundry Bear Games was founded at the beginning of 2016 after co-founders Andrew Carvalho (Soundshapes, LOUD On Planet X) and Gabby DaRienzo (Celeste, Parkitect, Graceful Explosion Machine) along with some friends developed the game Trackoons during a local game jam. Realizing they both shared similar game design values (and a love for Toronto and its unofficial mascot, the raccoon), Gabby and Andrew started their own game studio, named after the English translation for the Swedish word for raccoons — laundry bears.

A Mortician's Tale

Laundry Bear's debut game and current project, A Mortician's Tale is greatly inspired by the works of Caitlin DoughtyThe Order of the Good Death, and the death positive movement. After reading Caitlin's book Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, A Mortician's Tale designer and artist Gabby DaRienzo was inspired to make a game about the western death industry. She originally created a simple pixel art prototype using PICO-8 that she called Mortuary Simulator, but after receiving a large amount of interest in the game and genuine questions about the death industry, she and Andrew decided to team up with collaborators to bring A Mortician's Tale to life. A Mortician's Tale is made possible with support by Ontario Arts Council.




  • "Laundry Bear Games — One of Gamasutra's Top 10 Game Developers of 2017"

  • "A Mortician's Tale — Finalist, Nuovo Award" — Independent Games Festival (IGF) Awards, 2018

  • "A Mortician's Tale — Honourable Mention, Excellence in Narrative" — IGF Awards, 2018

  • "A Mortician's Tale — Official Selection, Fantastic Arcade" Austin, Fall 2017

  • "A Mortician's Tale — Official Selection, Different Games Toronto" Toronto, Spring 2017

  • "A Mortician's Tale — Official Selection, Double Fine's Day of the Devs" San Francisco, Fall 2016

  • "Trackoons — Official Selection, TIFF digiPlaySpace" Toronto, Spring 2016


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