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Laundry Bear Games
Based in Toronto, Canada

Founding Date:
March 29, 2016


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A Mortician's Tale (2017)
Trackoons (2015)



Laundry Bear Games is a Toronto-based independent game studio focussed on developing strange and colourful video games for PC/Mac.


Laundry Bear Games was founded at the beginning of 2016 after co-founders Andrew Carvalho (Soundshapes, LOUD On Planet X) and Gabby DaRienzo (Graceful Explosion Machine, Celeste, Parkitect) along with some friends developed their first game Trackoons during a local game jam. Realizing they both shared similar game design values (and a love for Toronto and its unofficial mascot, the raccoon), Gabby and Andrew started their own game studio, named after the English translation for the Swedish word for raccoons — laundry bears.


Trackoons is a game jam game, developed in summer 2015 during Dames Making Games’ Gym Jam game jam, in collaboration with Maggie McLeanRobby DuguayRobert Peacock, and Yuliya Boublikova. It was showcased at DMG's Arcade and Tournament, at the Ontario Celebration Zone at Harbourfront Centre during the Pan Am games, then later in 2015 at Bit Bazaar. It was then invited to be part of TIFF digiPlaySpace in Spring 2016, and had a custom 8-person cabinet built exclusively for the event. It appeared alongside games Butt Sniffin' Pugs, Wanderment, Digital Bird Playground, and Line Wobbler, among many others. Trackoons is currently exhibiting with TIFF digiPlaySpace at several events around the world.

A Mortician's Tale

Laundry Bear's debut game and current project, A Mortician's Tale is greatly inspired by the works of Caitlin DoughtyThe Order of the Good Death, and the death positive movement. After reading Caitlin's book Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, A Mortician's Tale designer and artist Gabby DaRienzo was inspired to make a game about the western death industry. She originally created a simple pixel art prototype using PICO-8 that she called Mortuary Simulator, but after receiving a large amount of interest in the game and genuine questions about the death industry, she and Andrew decided to team up and make it a full 3D game. They have since collaborated with musician Halina Heron (Moon Hunters, The Beginner's Guide, The Yawhg), illustrator Jacquelin de Leon (The Sirens of San Francisco), sound designer Jen Costa (Fate Tectonics), writer Kaitlin Tremblay (Ain't No Place for a Hero, Those Who Make Us, Say When), and audio programmer Robby Duguay (Graceful Explosion Machine, We Are Doomed) to bring A Mortician's Tale to life. A Mortician's Tale is made possible with support by Ontario Arts Council.



Awards and Recognition

  • "Laundry Bear Games — One of Gamasutra's Top 10 Game Developers of 2017"
  • "A Mortician's Tale — Finalist, Nuovo Award" — Independent Games Festival (IGF) Awards, 2018
  • "A Mortician's Tale — Honourable Mention, Excellence in Narrative" — Independent Games Festival (IGF) Awards, 2018
  • "A Mortician's Tale — Official Selection, Fantastic Arcade" Austin, Fall 2017
  • "A Mortician's Tale — Official Selection, Different Games Toronto" Toronto, Spring 2017
  • "A Mortician's Tale — Official Selection, Double Fine's Day of the Devs" San Francisco, Fall 2016
  • "Trackoons — Official Selection, TIFF digiPlaySpace" Toronto, Spring 2016
  • "Trackoons — Official Selection, Bit Bazaar Winter 2015" Toronto, Winter 2015
  • "Trackoons — Official Selection, Dames Making Games' arcade at the Ontario's Celebration Zone at Harbourfront Centre" Toronto, Summer 2015

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Andrew Carvalho on Twitter
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Team and Repeating Collaborators

Andrew Carvalho (he/him)
Co-Founder and Developer

Gabby DaRienzo (she/her)
Co-Founder and Artist