A Mortician's Tale (early 2017)

A narrative-driven job simulator where you play as a Mortician tasked with running a funeral home, preparing the bodies of the deceased, and consoling the deceased's loved ones.

Trackoons (2015)

A competitive 8-person local multiplayer game for PC/Mac/Linux, where you play as raccoons facing off in a race in downtown Toronto. 

Jam Games

Small games, experimental projects, and prototypes.

Animal Crossing Bot (2016)

A twitter bot made with Halina Heron during Dames Making Games' Demake Game Jam. If you tweet an Animal Crossing action at the bot (fishing, bug catching, swimming, etc) it will respond with an image and description of what you found! 

LST-REX (2015)

A jam game made with Kimberly Koronya, Brittney Oberfeld, and Jen Costa for TOJam Tentacular 2015. It’s a platformer in which you play a dinosaur who must eat amber in order to maintain their “high”, stay in “dream land” and reach the party!

Game Idea Generator (2016, 2015)

A game idea generator made for fun using Twine in May 2015. We later made a twitter bot version during Dames Making Games' Twitter Bot workshop in January 2016.


Lactose IntolerRUNS (2015)

Our very first game jam together! Made during Dames Making Games' Feb Fatale 3 game jam in February 2015, Lactose IntoleRUNS was an endless runner where you play as a carton of milk running through someone's digestive system.