1 Year Anniversary

It's been exactly 1 year since A Mortician's Tale was released!! 💜💀

To celebrate its anniversary, we're having a 50% OFF Sale on Steam, itchio, and Humble. Get the game for only $7.49 USD, and the Soundtrack Edition (featuring music from Halina Heron) for only $8.99 — the lowest price the game has ever been!

Thank you for all your love and support over the last year. It’s meant the world to us that people love our lil game about death 💜


March update: GDC 2018, adding Achievements, and more!

Laundry Bear Games has a lot of stuff going on this month, so here's a digest of some of the cool things we're up to this March!

We're heading to GDC 2018!

Laundry Bear Games' Andrew Carvalho and Gabby DaRienzo, as well as the rest of the Mortician's Tale team will be at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco this week! A few of our teammates are giving talks, so if you're heading to the conference be sure to check them out:

If you're heading to GDC next week and wanna hangout, be sure to drop us a line!

We're nominated for an IGF Award!

Our game A Mortician’s Tale is also a finalist in this year’s Independent Games Festival Awards at this year's GDC! We’re super honoured to be nominated for the Nuovo Award alongside so many other amazing games, and to be named as an honourable mention for the Excellence in Narrative Award!

The IGF Awards Ceremony takes place on Wednesday, March 21st! Wish us luck! 

We've added Achievements to A Mortician's Tale!

We’ve ALSO updated the game with Achievements on Steam. We originally didn’t include any as we didn’t feel it was appropriate given the context of the game, HOWEVER we’ve heard your feedback and know that so many of you enjoy collecting achievements, so we've decided to add 3 achievements to the game:

  • “Rest in Peace” — Finish A Mortician's Tale

  • “Crypt Sweeper Keeper” — Win a game of Tales from the Crypt Sweeper

  • “Chatty Charlie” — Talk to every person at every funeral

Thank you! We hope you have a great month!

If you enjoyed A Mortician's Tale, please consider leaving us a review! It helps other players decide if it's a game they'd like to play, plus we'd really appreciate it! 


Thank you so much for your support, and have a wonderful March!

We're nominated for an IGF Award!

💜💀 Exciting news time!! Our game A Mortician’s Tale is a finalist in this year’s Independent Games Festival Awards at this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC)! We’re super honoured to be nominated for the Nuovo Award alongside so many other amazing games, and to be named as an honourable mention for the Excellence in Narrative Award! Good luck to all our fellow finalists, and see you all in San Francisco this upcoming March! 💜

Happy Holidays and thanks for an incredible year!

2017 was an amazing year for us! We released our debut game A Mortician's Tale in October, and have been so overwhelmed with the massive critical praise it's received. On top of releasing our own game, we also had the pleasure of working on some of our friends' games this year too. Gabby made artwork for Graceful Explosion Machine, as well as the upcoming games Celeste and Parkitect, and Andrew did some development work on Blasters of the Universe VR as well as taught game design at Sheridan College.

We want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us over this past year — it means a lot! 💜

Some Recent Highlights:

We're so honoured to be on these lists alongside so many other amazing games and studios!

In 2018 we'll have more Mortician's Tale news and updates to look forward to! We've also been prototyping a ✨ brand new game ✨ which we're excited to continue developing into 2018 (it's a secret for now, but we're excited to share more about this project when it's ready!).

Thanks for an amazing 2017, and here's to an even better 2018!

Lots of love,
Your pals at Laundry Bear Games.

A Mortician's Tale is coming to Fantastic Arcade

We're super excited to announce that our game A Mortician’s Tale is part of this year’s amazing Fantastic Arcade lineup! A few of our teammates are attending the event this year so if you're planning on going, be sure to come play the game, grab some Mortician's Tale stickers (designed by Jacquelin de Leon), and say hi!

A Mortician's Tale designer/artist Gabby DaRienzo, lead writer Kaitlin Tremblay, and sound designer Jen Costa will also be doing a talk about the making of A Mortician's Tale (date and time TBA)!

A Mortician's Tale News and Reviews!

Since A Mortician's Tale's launch a few weeks ago, we've been overwhelmed with the positive response we've received from players and press! Sincerely, thank you so much for playing our little death game — it means the world to us that people like it! We're currently in talks to bring the game to additional platforms and possibly localize it for other languages — we'll have more to announce within the next couple of months!

Here's what people are saying about A Mortician's Tale:

"One Of 2017's Best Games... It elicits dark feelings, but asks players to consider where those feelings came from and what makes them dark." — Kotaku

"82/100 — An approachable and thought-provoking meditation on life’s only certainty." — PC Gamer

"Recommended — This is a beautiful game. It scared me. It moved me. Most of all, it made me stop what I was doing and think." — Eurogamer

"8/10 — [A Mortician’s Tale] is a short game, only an hour or so long, but it leaves an impact far beyond its runtime. Give it a chance, and it might just change the way you think about death." — Destructoid

"In its debut PC game A Mortician’s Tale, death is not only natural, but something worth utmost respect. It’s an inevitability that deserves as much care as life does." — Polygon

If you played and enjoyed the game, please consider leaving us a review on Steam! It greatly helps us out :)

And if you haven't picked it up yet, the game is available now for $14.99 USD through Steam and Humble as well as DRM-free through itch.io

Thank you so much again for supporting us and following along on our Mortician's Tale journey 💜 Have a great weekend!