A Mortician's Tale is coming to Steam!

Exciting news time, friends! Laundry Bear's game A Mortician's Tale is coming to Steam (for PC and Mac) in 2017! Feel free to add it to your Steam Wishlist here. We also plan on coming to other platforms, as well as offer the game DRM-free.

Be sure to check out our teaser trailer to get a sneak peek at the Mortician's Tale original score composed by Halina Heron and have a look at the gorgeous artwork created by Jacquelin de Leon.

We’re also excited to share that Laundry Bear Games' Andrew Carvalho and Gabby DaRienzo will both be at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco next week! If you're interested in meeting up and talking about A Mortician's Tale (or eating donuts, or whatever), be sure to drop us a line.

A Mortician's Tale's writer Kaitlin Tremblay and sound designer Jen Costa will also be there, so be sure to say hi to them too!